Monday, August 25, 2014


Gabe is one person I am grateful to have fished with for a couple of trips. I learned an awful lot from him. He was the most dishonest, most selfish, mean, petty and greedy person I have ever met.

He was a liar, a cheat, a thief, a coward, a total alcoholic and junkie. You could not trust him with anything of value except fish unless you had an illegal market for the fish. Then all bets were off. 
I truly believe this man was brought into the world without a soul.

He was the kind of guy that would go to the ship's stew pot and fish all of the meat out of it for himself. He was caught doing this more than once.

He would steal your eye teeth and one time I saw him beaten senseless on the back deck of the boat for stealing a bottle of cognac. He brought it on himself with his dishonesty.

After the beating he tried to sidle up to me only to be met with a punch. I had not condoned the beating. I simply wanted him off the boat and I knew that being his friend was a ticket to losing my wallet. The punch was simply to let him know I was onto him and keep him away from me.

Over the years Gabe has come to mind often, especially when I considered doing something less than honorable.

I learned a lot from him. This man taught me more than almost anybody else through his complete lack of character. 

Through meeting and dealing with this individual I learned exactly what kind of person I did NOT want to become under any circumstances.

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