Monday, August 25, 2014


For a very short while I did maintenance in a strip club and occasionally checked IDs. The maintenance part was pretty good. IDs checking sucked. Being in the club during business hours was depressing.

Sandy was one of the strippers and deserves mention here because she has stayed in my mind as being the most squirrely person I have ever met.

She was a mess. She had a fairly pretty face, beautiful hair, a flat chest and was clumsy to boot. If you looked into one of her ears you could see daylight.

Much to her credit she did not seem to have her nose in a coke slip or a champagne bottle.

The only reason she comes to mind for this blog is that from time to time when I run into someone ditzy I think of Sandy. She is the standard of squirreliness all others are rated by.

I have to admit that she made me laugh, though.

Of all of the squirrely people I have met in the past fifty years nobody has been able to hold a candle to her.

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